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The Culture Factor Group Culture Compass™ helps your students understand the impact of their own cultural value preferences and potential behavioural pitfalls while working with people from a selected country.

The Culture Compass is an instrument that helps them avoid cultural pitfalls that may arise when dealing with people born and raised in other cultures than the one in which they have been born and raised, including practical advice on what to watch out for, what to expect, etc.

Instead of the regular price of 42,90€ , academic institutions can purchase the Culture Compass at significant rebates, as below (1 code = 1 country report):
  • 5 - 29 codes 9.9 € per code
  • 30 - 199 codes 7.5 € per code
  • 200 - 499 codes 6.0 € per code
  • 500 - 999 codes 4.9 € per code
  • 1000 + Contact Us

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