Top Employers by number of jobs in the last 6 months

Below you can find a table of the top 100 Employers by number of jobs for entry to mid-career roles in business, during the last 6 months.

#Employer Primary Industry #Jobs Last 6 monthsTop 3 Job Areas
1 J.P. Morgan Chase Financial Services5994Invmt OccupationsITFinancial Mgmt
2 Amazon Technology5206Supply ChainSalesMarketing
3 Continental Automotive/Transportation Manufacturing3919SalesSupply ChainFinancial Mgmt
4 ManpowerGroup Professional Services3700SalesFinancial MgmtInvmt Occupations
5 Publicis Groupe Professional Services3521MarketingSalesIT
6 Citigroup Inc. Financial Services3324Invmt OccupationsFinancial MgmtIT
7 Macy's, Inc. Retail and Wholesale Trade3095SalesSupply ChainMarketing
8 PricewaterhouseCoopers Professional Services2971Financial MgmtConsultingMgmt & Strategy
9 EY Professional Services2701ConsultingFinancial MgmtSales
10 Siemens Energy and Utility2332SalesSupply ChainMgmt & Strategy
11 HSBC Financial Services2306Invmt OccupationsFinancial MgmtConsulting
12 Raytheon Technologies Government Public Sector and Military2092Supply ChainEngineeringFinancial Mgmt
13 WSP Global Consulting1963MarketingConsultingFinancial Mgmt
14 The Boeing Company Government Public Sector and Military1943Supply ChainITMarketing
15 Johnson & Johnson Healthcare1862Mgmt & StrategyFinancial MgmtSales
16 Yieldify Technology1797MarketingSalesInvmt Occupations
17 Microsoft Corporation Technology1776SalesMarketingMgmt & Strategy
18 Intel Corporation Technology1633SalesSupply ChainMgmt & Strategy
19 Northrop Grumman Government Public Sector and Military1619Supply ChainEngineeringMgmt & Strategy
20 Jones Lang LaSalle Real Estate1522Financial MgmtSupply ChainMgmt & Strategy
21 Nestle Consumer Products1514MarketingSalesSupply Chain
22 BMO Financial Group Financial Services1511Invmt OccupationsFinancial MgmtConsulting
23 Stryker Healthcare1480SalesMarketingSupply Chain
24 Marriott International Inc Hospitality and Leisure1446SalesMarketingFinancial Mgmt
25 Royal Bank of Canada Financial Services1406Invmt OccupationsFinancial MgmtConsulting
26 Deloitte Professional Services1374ConsultingFinancial MgmtMgmt & Strategy
27 PepsiCo Consumer Products1331MarketingFinancial MgmtSales
28 Marsh & McLennan Financial Services1308ConsultingFinancial MgmtInvmt Occupations
29 Qualcomm Technology1306SalesFinancial MgmtSupply Chain
30 The Walt Disney Company Media Arts and Entertainment1281MarketingSalesFinancial Mgmt
31 American Express Financial Services1276MarketingFinancial MgmtInvmt Occupations
32 Schneider Electric Energy and Utility1231SalesMarketingSupply Chain
33 BNY Mellon Financial Services1188Financial MgmtInvmt OccupationsIT
34 KPMG Professional Services1154ConsultingFinancial MgmtInvmt Occupations
35 WPP Professional Services1150MarketingSalesMgmt & Strategy
36 Scotiabank Financial Services1135Invmt OccupationsFinancial MgmtMarketing
37 State Street Bank and Trust Company Financial Services1115Financial MgmtInvmt OccupationsIT
38 Abbott Healthcare1090SalesMarketingFinancial Mgmt
39 AbbVie Healthcare1082MarketingMgmt & StrategyFinancial Mgmt
40 CBRE Group Real Estate1079Financial MgmtSupply ChainSales
41 Jacobs Industrial Products & Manufacturing1077Supply ChainConsultingMgmt & Strategy
42 Ford Motor Company Automotive/Transportation Manufacturing1060MarketingHRSupply Chain
43 S&P Global Inc. Consulting1048ITFinancial MgmtSales
44 AstraZeneca Healthcare1039MarketingMgmt & StrategySupply Chain
45 Emerson Electric Industrial Products & Manufacturing1034SalesSupply ChainFinancial Mgmt
46 Oliver Wyman Consulting1028ConsultingInvmt OccupationsMarketing
47 SAP Professional Services1026ConsultingMarketingSales
48 U.S. Bank Financial Services1021Invmt OccupationsConsultingFinancial Mgmt
49 HP Inc Consumer Products1019SalesMarketingFinancial Mgmt
50 BASF Industrial Products & Manufacturing1017SalesSupply ChainHR
51 AECOM Industrial Products & Manufacturing1003ConsultingMgmt & StrategyMarketing
52 United Nations Development Programme Non-profit, NGO, IGO993Financial MgmtSupply ChainMarketing
53 Apple Inc. Consumer Products985Supply ChainEngineeringMarketing
54 General Motors Automotive/Transportation Manufacturing979MarketingSupply ChainSales
55 Caterpillar Industrial Products & Manufacturing959Supply ChainMarketingFinancial Mgmt
56 London Stock Exchange Group Financial Services955Financial MgmtSalesInvmt Occupations
57 Adidas Consumer Products953MarketingSalesSupply Chain
58 Hitachi Consumer Products937Supply ChainSalesMarketing
59 FIS Financial Services921ConsultingSalesInvmt Occupations
60 The Chubb Corporation Financial Services912SalesInvmt OccupationsFin. - Accounting
61 AMD Technology885EngineeringMarketingMgmt & Strategy
62 Visa Inc. Financial Services872ConsultingMgmt & StrategyEngineering
63 General Electric Company Energy and Utility871Supply ChainFinancial MgmtSales
64 Ryder System, Inc. Transportation & Logistics860Financial MgmtSalesInvmt Occupations
65 Spectrum Media Arts and Entertainment849SalesMarketingIT
66 Airbus Government Public Sector and Military842Supply ChainMarketingSales
67 Banco Santander Financial Services842Invmt OccupationsFinancial MgmtMarketing
68 Alstom Automotive/Transportation Manufacturing841Supply ChainFinancial MgmtMgmt & Strategy
69 BDO Professional Services832Fin. - AccountingFinancial MgmtInvmt Occupations
70 UBS Financial Services830Invmt OccupationsFinancial MgmtSales
71 Mastercard Inc Financial Services824ConsultingSalesMarketing
72 Aon Consulting815ConsultingSalesFinancial Mgmt
73 Google Technology814ITMgmt & StrategySales
74 Unilever Consumer Products810MarketingSupply ChainFinancial Mgmt
75 Philips Consumer Products795SalesMarketingFinancial Mgmt
76 Novartis Healthcare793Mgmt & StrategySupply ChainIT
77 Edward Jones Investments Financial Services792Financial MgmtMgmt & StrategyMarketing
78 CIBC Financial Services785Invmt OccupationsFinancial MgmtConsulting
79 Baxter Healthcare783Financial MgmtSupply ChainMarketing
80 TE Connectivity Industrial Products & Manufacturing782SalesSupply ChainHR
81 Infineon Technology779Supply ChainMarketingSales
82 PNC Financial Services Group Financial Services766Invmt OccupationsFinancial MgmtConsulting
83 Roche Holding Healthcare766MarketingMgmt & StrategySales
84 Saint-Gobain Industrial Products & Manufacturing762Supply ChainSalesMarketing
85 Medtronic Healthcare758SalesFinancial MgmtMarketing
86 Allianz SE Financial Services756Invmt OccupationsFinancial MgmtConsulting
87 International Business Machines Technology750ConsultingFinancial MgmtMarketing
88 Baker Hughes Energy and Utility748Supply ChainSalesMarketing
89 Salesforce Technology744SalesMarketingMgmt & Strategy
90 InterContinental Hotels Hospitality and Leisure744MarketingSalesFinancial Mgmt
91 TikTok Technology742MarketingSupply ChainHR
92 Boston Scientific Corporation Healthcare733SalesMarketingMgmt & Strategy
93 Henkel AG Consumer Products727MarketingSalesMgmt & Strategy
94 NBCUniversal Media Arts and Entertainment723MarketingFinancial MgmtSupply Chain
95 Maersk Transportation & Logistics721Supply ChainFinancial MgmtSales
96 Vestas Energy and Utility720Supply ChainFinancial MgmtSales
97 Security Bank Financial Services714Invmt OccupationsSalesFin. - Accounting
98 FedEx Corporation Transportation & Logistics698Supply ChainConsultingFinancial Mgmt
99 Sephora Retail and Wholesale Trade698Supply ChainMarketingHR
100 Danone SA Consumer Products688MarketingSupply ChainFinancial Mgmt