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Zurich Enterprise Challenge
March 01, 2022

The Zurich Enterprise Challenge gives you an opportunity of a lifetime to work with one of the world’s top insurance companies and interact with its corporate customers to solve real-life strategy and business challenges.

The Zurich Enterprise Challenge is a three-phase team competition designed to offer participating Masters, MBA or PhD students the opportunity to work directly with multinational corporations to provide real world solutions to existing corporate challenges.

The Challenge is open to Master, MBA and PhD students (full or part-time) from any university worldwide. Participants should have an interest in management, finance, strategy and risk management or similar subjects. Multiple teams representing the same university can join the Challenge.

Phase 1
22 March – 26 June 2022
Submit a video up to 6 minutes long presenting your innovative solution to the case study.
There are three questions to the topic that must be answered in your presentation. Zurich will recognize and reward teams based on business relevance, applicability and creativity of the team’s solution. Other selection criteria are the quality of layout and design of the submission, and presentation skills.

Phase 2
July – October 2022

The top teams will work with selected Zurich multinational customers on solving real-life corporate challenges.

Phase 2
December 2022 – Q1 2023

Winning team
Cash prize of CHF 5’000 for the winning team and CHF 2’000 cash prize for the runner-up.

Top teams
Work with Zurich and selected multinational customers, such as CBRE, Mars and Nestlé, on current corporate challenges
Cash prize of CHF 5’000 for the winning team, CHF 2’000 for the runner-up
Earn a certificate highlighting your achievements
Zurich Insurance Group
Cash prize of CHF 5’000
CHF 2’000 for the runner-up