By Noel Paul
The CASE Approach - An Innovate Career Development Methodology
18:00 CET
60 minutes

Students and working professionals typically pursue a significant number of roles in an attempt to secure internship and full time employment opportunities.  This will add them to the list of potential candidates but it may not be the role for which they will be the candidate of choice - which of course is everyone’s goal.

The CASE Approach helps individuals be much more strategic and rigorous to their career planning and job search process.

During this session, you will learn the following:

  • How to complete a personal analysis that will lead to a clear(er) career goal
  • The importance of developing a targeted and comprehensive strategy to pursue your goal 
  • How to develop the tools and tactics of job search based on two critical mindsets – (1) the lens of the hiring manager and (2) applying a “gold medal mindset”.

About the speaker
Noel has a deep passion for coaching & mentoring graduate business students – including international students. He brings over 30 years of experience in a variety of functions, industries, geographies & cultures. These include experiences in engineering, human resources, corporate social responsibility, franchise ownership, marketing & commercialization for a health-tech start-up, executive mentor for start-up firms, grant recipient ($3M) from The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and leadership of global initiatives in Argentina, Cambodia, China, Ecuador, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, the United Kingdom and Zambia.
In addition, he has the following experiences:
- 6+ years leading Corporate MBA Recruiting - globally (including talent management and leadership development)
- 2+ years Executive Director of career services at Purdue University, a top rated Business School & direct coaching of MBA/MS students
- 20 years Global HR experience at Lilly, a leading pharmaceutical firm
- Career development, executive coaching, organizational change-management & business strategy in a variety of roles