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Virtual Platforms
Virtual Career Fair
Our Virtual Career Fair (VCF) gives you the ability to extend your reach, enabling you to connect your students and alumni with employers across the globe. With the host of services and the variety of sessions which we offer, we aim to provide the familiarity and accessibility of career fairs with all the benefits which going online has to offer.
Extend your reach; geographic boundaries become a thing of the past
Reduced costs, both for the host and participants
Easier attendance results in a larger audience
Analyze data and track performance


Networking Events
Host a targeted networking event for your students on a school branded, dedicated, and private platform where they can make real connections with and learn from alumni and employers. Features include:
Unlimited sessions in parallel
CV/Resume Search
Session types: Panel, Round Table, Live Booth, Coffee Chat, One.on.One

Networking event


Increase your offering
Student Treks
Deliver great experiences to your students with our Student Treks platform. These experiences put students in contact with people in industries and regions of interest.
And best of all, Student Treks do not limit you to one location! Features include:
Multiple types of sessions such as a Round Tables, Panels, or Coffee Chats
Full day event

Virtual Campus
Our Virtual Campus (VC) is our response to the rapidly changing status quo which we are all experiencing. With our VC you will be able to host events, have guest speakers, and increase engagement with your students and alumni throughout the year. Our VC is designed to be an extension of your school. A platform which enables you to connect with the outside world, and extend your reach further than before.

Virtual Campus

What Sets Us Apart

Advisory & Experience

With 100s of events under our belt, we can advise you on the best practices to reach your event objectives.

Proven Technology

Works at scale while enabling the tools, granularity and statistics to facilitate every aspect of your event.

Easy for Employers

We remove the biggest pain points for employers as we prepare their corporate profiles, onboard them and conduct test-runs for them.


We provide you with marketing materials for both employers and students, starting with your own school-branded site.

We are here for you

We pride ourselves in our level of service to do the heavy-lifting on your behalf and to support every step of the way.


Help your students engage with employers through online events and Competitions.

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Connect and interact in real-time with top students.

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