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This guide will help you get started with and make the most of what we have to offer.

Our objective is to help you research and identify the right career opportunities for you by providing you with:
- Quality Jobs, filtered to match a Masters-level, directly from employers around the world and across languages
- Real-time online events
- Reliable and accurate information and links to Development Programs with a structured summary of each program
- Complete information about an employer and their hiring activities in our Employer Directory
- Country Guides with immigration and work permit info, recruiting trends, employers of international students and much more

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Every year we publish our Ranking of Masters Development Programs, composed of global rankings, analysis by industry, functional area and school location. This information is collated to help you make a more informed choice when researching Development Programs.

Development Program Rankings by Careernomics
Every year we publish the H1B Sponsorship Report that is tailored towards Masters graduates and business professionals. We examine the data from the US Department of Labor and filter out all sponsorships which are not business related, making it a prime resource for any international students with their sights set on the United States.

H1B Visa Reports by Careernomics
In the Who is Hiring section we create detailed reports by cross-referencing the top jobs and employers by location and industry to give you a broader perspective on where Masters graduates are getting hired.

Who is Hiring by Careernomics
At any time, whether you're looking at a Job, Employer, or Development Program, you can add it to your favourites, which can be accessed from the Me menu or here.

You can create job alerts from the Jobs page, next to the search button, which will save the current search you've entered. The job alert can be found in your Candidate Dashboard under the "My Communication" section where you'll be able to modify or delete it, as well as modify the alert frequency (daily or weekly).

A summary of your stream can be emailed to you weekly or monthly. We call it "", or (you guessed it) "".
You can set your preferred frequency, or deactivate this option, here.
Upon login, you land on your My Stream page, which can be personalised by setting your Preferences. This page will also reflect your Career Profile.

My Stream Preferences
The Career Profile is there to add more details to, or modify your information. To get best-personalised results out of Careernomics, make sure this is filled in, as it helps us give you the best job matches, tailored content and can help you stand out to employers.

MY Career Profile
Our Premium Services are granted through agreements with your school, who are able to select which services they wish to receive.

The premium services available to you can be seen in the top-right corner of your Candidate Dashboard, represented by a trophy icon, whereas those with a lock icon are premium services to which you have limited access to or that your school didn't opt for. If there are any premium services you're interested in, but can't access, let your school know!

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Alumni continue to have Premium access during the first six months after graduation.
If you want more resources, we have created comprehensive and complete FAQs and How-To videos.
If at any time, you're facing any troubles, you can contact us and we'll get back to you in the best delays.
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