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The CASE competition
March 26, 2020

The CASE is an international real estate development competition that provides graduate student teams the opportunity to showcase their real estate knowledge, creativity, and problem solving abilities by analyzing and programming a complex real world development site. The CASE is organized and hosted by The CASE Collaborative. The CASE is not an invitation-only competition; it is open to any graduate student team in the world.

Unlike other competitions, The CASE focuses on real estate acquisition, development programming, and investment underwriting at the asset level. The competition mimics the circumstances and challenges that students of real estate finance, construction, planning, and design will encounter in the development industry after graduation.

A competition packet that includes detailed information about a specific development site is distributed to registered graduate student teams of three (3) to four (4) graduate students each. Teams have ten (10) days to submit a brief concept narrative and summary development program, a full Excel-based financial proforma, a presentation slide deck, and a final ‘bid price.’ Based on the submissions received, a panel of distinguished industry professionals selects the top teams to travel to Cambridge, MA to compete live in front of other panels of distinguished industry professionals.

Born out of the MIT Alumni Association of the Center for Real Estate (AACRE), The CASE was created to foster camaraderie among real estate professionals with common interests and to provide a platform for connecting those professionals to the distinguished graduate students who participate in the competition. Since our inaugural competition in 2010, over 800 participants from 45+ graduate programs have competed for the Kent Roberts Trophy and the pride of being selected as the premier young real estate problem solving team in the world.

Team size & eligible participants
Teams must be comprised of a minimum of three (3) and a maximum of four (4) graduate students from the
same institution. Team members may be from different academic programs within the institution, but all team
members must matriculate at the same institution.
Any student enrolled in an accredited graduate program pursuing a Master's degree is eligible to participate
unless that student has participated in The CASE twice before. All team members must be currently enrolled
and in good standing with their respective institution at the time of application and throughout the competition
period. Teams are NOT permitted to work together or discuss The CASE materials. Absolutely no collusion or
outside help will be tolerated as further discussed herein.