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International Collegiate Business Strategy Competition
April 16, 2020

The Competition provides students with an exciting learning experience in which they, in direct competition with other college teams, run a simulated company and have the opportunity to network with business executives and students from around the world.

Each spring, universities from all over the world participate in the International Collegiate Business Strategy Competition which is the world’s longest running, most comprehensive business competition.

In this competition, each university team takes over the management of a simulated or virtual manufacturing company competing directly against 4-5 other firms run by competitor teams in its simulated world.

The starting position of all teams is identical. Each of the companies has two years of identical history which become available to students through a set of starting reports. Twenty sets of quarterly decisions are then submitted by the teams for company operations over a simulated period of five years. Teams strive to outperform each other on a number of financial and strategic measures.

Each team writes a strategic business plan for its company and assumes responsibility for executing that plan through making key strategic and operational decisions in marketing, finance, and operations. Students run their companies by making quarterly decisions for five simulated years - a total of twenty rounds of quarterly decisions. These decisions are transmitted to the host computer using the internet and the results - i.e. the performance of the team's company and that of its competitors - determines the situation the company faces for the next set of decisions.
Eligible Schools
California State University - East Bay
California State University - Fresno
California State University - Long Beach
California State University - Sacramento
California State University - San Bernardino
Gies College Of Business - University Of Illinois
Idaho State University, Pocatello
Monash University
University Of California - Davis
University Of California - RiversideUniversity of Calgary, San Jose State University, Regent's University London
Teams compete for trophies, there is not a cash prize