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ModelOff - Financial Modeling World Championship
November 15, 2020

The ModelOff GTC are two-day world-class technical training development programs for young and emerging business leaders. This is the first choice for young business and finance professionals looking to build their technical skills in Advanced Excel, Business and Financial Analysis, Financial Modelling, Infrastructure, Investment Management, Private Equity and Risk Intelligence. The GTC feature training sessions on Advanced Excel for Business Analysis and Decision Making by the Microsoft Excel Development Team.

The 2020 Financial Modeling Competition is an M&A case study where participants will analyze the impact of a potential M&A transaction for a live, Fortune Global 500 company.

In the case, participants will act as an M&A Adviser for the live company and provide an investment recommendation by assessing potential acquisition targets and how they align with the company’s growth objectives.

This online competition challenges participants to showcase and celebrate their financial modeling and valuation skills, knowledge, and excellence in the industry. Participants will take part in a single round of elimination over one week to test their technical knowledge of financial modeling.

Showcase Your Finance Skills
FinMo is a life-changing experience that fosters education and commitment to the finance industry. Participants will have the chance to showcase their expertise and gain international credibility.
$7,000 for first place
$2,000 for second place
$1,000 for third place