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Global Family Enterprise Case Competition (FECC)
January 07, 2020

The annual Family Enterprise Case Competition (FECC) prepares participants to understand the critical issues that are unique to family enterprise by applying the knowledge and expertise they have developed in the classroom towards solving complex family business cases.

During four tough rounds of competition, teams present their case to a distinguished panel of judges who will determine which group best understood, analyzed and presented the case. In its first two years, the FECC received wide-spread acclaim and praise as one of the 'most professional events' ever attended and 'the organization has been excellent and the collegial learning and networking opportunity extraordinary.'

Each team will be composed of four members – three students and one coach / advisor.

Round 1 - Pre-Arrival Case Preparation
The Pre-Arrival case will be sent to all teams seven to ten days before the competition. All teams are expected to prepare the case prior to arriving in Burlington and come prepared to present their analysis and recommendations on the first day of the competition. Please bring 5 copies of the presentation slide deck (and any additional handouts) to give to the judges at the start of your presentation.

Only the three competing students must prepare for the 7-day pre-arrival case. NO assistance or advise is to be taken from their coach OR anyone else.

An honor system will be followed. If we hear of any assistance used by any team beyond the three competing students, NO points will be recorded for that team for this day’s presentation.

Round 2 – Divisional Round Robin
This part of the competition consists of two controlled timed cases. Each team of three students will be given four hours to read, analyze and prepare a presentation of their conclusions with supporting rationale.

At the end of the preperation time (4 hours on Friday, 3 hours on Thursday), teams will be required to hand over a provided USB storage key with a copy of their Microsoft PowerPoint presentation file. Teams will be presenting their case analysis to judges shortly after the case preparation time. All presentations must be in English.

Round 3 – Finals

Winners of each Division will compete for the UVM Family Enterprise Case Cup.

Winning Criteria
The competition organizers receive written feedback from the judge panel from each division after their deliberations on each day of the competition. Included with this written feedback are the final team scores/ratings for the day. This collected feedback is then relayed to the coaches (in written form) in the 'coaches meeting with the organizers' (usually right after dinner). The coaches are then tasked to share the results and feedback with their teams. Most tend to strategize for the next day accordingly.

You can find the results for 2019 Competition by clicking here.
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