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Polit Case Competition
October 04, 2020

Polit Case Competition strives to create an interesting and challenging case competition where theory and tools from economics are applied. Participants have 8,5 hours to come up with a solution to a case written by Polit Case Competition and a carefully selected case company. Participants present their solutions in front of a panel of judges consisting of employees from the case company and our partners.

We regret to inform you that The Case Experience and Case Solving workshop, as well as the Polit Case Competition, are cancelled.
This decision is made in collaboration with our partnering companies and organizations due to the current risk assessments of the COVID-19 virus.

The organization Polit Case Competition was founded in 2014. The organization consists of students of economics from the University of Copenhagen. We strive to create a case based on a real-life business challenge where teamwork, structured problem-solving, economic analysis, and presentation skills are applied in the solution. Each team gets to present their solution to a panel of professional judges. The judges are provided by our partners ranging from business enterprises to government departments, reflecting the future workplaces of students of economics. Thus, Polit Case Competition equip students with new skills and connect employers with future employees
Copenhagen Business School
McKinsey & Company
20,000 DKK