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L'Oreal Brandstorm 2020
June 23, 2020

"Play. Experiment. Innovate." An innovation competition like no other. Over the past 26 years, students from all over the world have participated in, learned and grown from this amazing experience. Last year, 25,000 students took up the challenge and made change happen for one of our top brands. Using your intelligence, know-how and creativity, be the part of innovation at L'Oreal. Three teams will be announced the winners of L'Oreal Brandstorm 2018. Take action and show us how you can disrupt the beauty industry!

An innovative competition like no other that has brought together ambitious students from all over the world for the past 28 years. This year we're taking it a step further by introducing a new ultimate prize.

▸65 countries
▸80+ hours of e-learning
▸10000+ innovations

The way the competition works:

▸Build an amazing team of 3 superheroes to solve the Mission
▸Come up with the most innovative idea, sharpen it throughout the selection process and become the champion of your country.
▸Fly to Paris, immerse yourself at L’Oréal’s headquarters and pitch your innovation to top L’Oréal executives.

Be the best and further develop your idea. How far can you take it?

For the first time ever, win a unique experience with the all-new Intrapreneurship Award!

Become the pioneers of your Brandstorm idea and transform it into a real business model. Dive into a 360° immersion program and touch all sides of the business.

Work at Station F, the largest start up campus in the world alongside some of the brightest entrepreneurs of Europe!

Over the period of 3 months, boost your idea with the constant coaching and guidance from L’Oréal experts and finally defend your business model to top executives and internal investors.


L’ORÉAL BRANDSTORM is a Competition for undergraduate and graduate students who study in one of the participating countries and satisfy the conditions set up below (hereinafter the “Participant(s)”).

The final list of the participating countries will be accessible from the platform: (hereinafter the “Platform”) on October 1st, 2019.

Students must be eighteen (18) years of age or older to participate. Any under-age Participant must have the consent of his or her parent or legal guardian to accept the Official Rules and participate in L'ORÉAL BRANDSTORM.

Students attending a post-graduate course (e.g. doctorate programme or MBA) cannot participate (except for post-graduate courses in India and Israel, please see article 20. SPECIFIC PROVISIONS FOR CERTAIN COUNTRIES)

Students eligible to participate should not yet have acquired considerable professional experience (i.e. not more than two years of work experience. Internships, apprenticeships, summer job experiences and auto-entrepreneurial work do not account into work experience). Students who have already played the Competition in a previous year and reached the international finals cannot participate another time.

Students who did an internship in the department of the brand or division concerned by the case study during the two (2) years preceding the Competition cannot participate in the current edition.

The Participants have to compose a team of three (3) students. Students participating in an international exchange programme or studying in a foreign country, e.g. Erasmus or exchange students have to participate for the country they are studying in at the point of registration.

Participants are only allowed to register in one team.

The three (3) members of a team must be studying in the same participating country (hereinafter the “Team”). It is not possible to change the university during the competition. If a Participant changes university during the Competition, he or she will still be registered under the starting university.

All members of the Teams must have a valid e-mail address.

L'ORÉAL reserves the right to check the validity of the registration information submitted by Participants at any stage during the Competition and to ask for copies of ID documents and/or student cards from the school or university cited by the Participants. L'ORÉAL also reserves the right to refuse participation, or to disqualify, at any times during the Competition, Participants (and their Teams) without justifying it. Submitting incorrect or misleading information will lead to refusing or disqualification of participation.

- Brand Award: 10,000 Euros
- Tech Award: 10,000 Euros
- CSR Award: 10,000 Euros