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    September & October, 2022

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About the event

Leadership Development Programs Career Event (known as the LDP Career Forum) is back for its 5th edition! Does your company have an LDP?
Then you're welcome to join us!

The event will help with your employer branding & positioning, as well as with the recruiting & sourcing of talent. You are able to hold presentations and networking sessions (Coffee Chats, One.on.Ones) that can be either targeted or open for everyone. You also get access to the CV/Resume Database, and have full control of your company and LDP description. Through the Talent Pool, you can also see which candidates have added your company and/or your LDP to their list of favourites!

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Highlight your organization and your development program(s).


Present to students and answer questions in real-time during company presentations. Host smaller group Coffee Chats or even One.on.One sessions for networking. The sessions can be targeted (i.e. only students from specific schools or with a specific profile), or open to everyone.


Promote your LDP openings (intern and/or full-time) - applications available through your company website (URL) or to your inbox (via email). Search and download the resumes/CVs.

2022 Development Program Rankings

Every year we produce a ranking of MBA Development Programs.

In the last two years, Covid has impacted student priorities relating to career development. This has been reflected in their decision making when it comes to LDP vs just-in-time hiring positions, and the job security that is related to it. Most recently, and as things with the pandemic have been calming down, the LDP employers have been reporting various challenges, such as attracting the right talent and more candidates not accepting the offers.

We hope this report will help you gain a better understanding of student interest in the various Leadership Development Programs. If you are looking for more market intelligence, candidate insights, or an individual LDP competitiveness, please do reach out!


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Student Quality

MBA, Masters and UG students only from top universities. If you target a school that is not participating, let us know and we can reach out to them.

Diversity of Candidates

Reach broadly to diversify your talent pool. Happy to include more universities you target

Deep Dive

Option to limit your sessions to specific universities and candidate profiles

Prepared Company Profiles

We prepare your company profile and LDP descriptions, which you can edit if you would like

Multiple Interactive Sessions

Selection of presentations, live booths, speed networking and one.on.one interviews

Private Sessions

Option to host private sessions and one.on.one interviews by invitation only

Candidate Database

Search the entire resume/CV database and export matching candidates

Reporting & Analytics

Extract powerful sign-up, attendance and other statistics in real-time

Participating Companies (Past & Present)

Participating Schools

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About Us

Careernomics and MBA-Exchange.com help MBAs, Masters students and alumni research and identify the right career opportunities for them, while also working with employers to diversify their candidate pool and optimize their recruiting resources.
We do so by providing our candidates with an integrated platform to:
  • - Broaden their job search and identify new employers and opportunities outside of their radar
  • - Explore fast-track leadership development programs
  • - Deep-dive into specific opportunities and easily access the key information they need from recruiting trends to culture and work permits
  • - Engage with employers live during online events

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LDP Career Forum

Candidates interact and engage with recruiters.

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