Join us at the online
    Business & Management Fair
    October 28th & 29th, 2021


Connecting talent and companies virtually

Meet and interact in real-time with recruiters, alumni, and business representatives.
Get a hint of talent trends and opportunities in the global job market to start your career.

Grow your
Connect with
companies and alumni
Make an impact on
Start a meaningful
Find your future


Who is it for?

  • Master students who are looking for
    an internships or a fulltime position
  • Undergrads who are looking for an
    internship or a first job opportunity


Who will be there?


Meet with your future employer

13 minute pitch
40 minute Interactive Virtual Booth
Short introductory pitch to know what makes them different, what are the career opportunities they offer, and what talent are they looking for. A virtual stand where you can connect directly with company representatives and ask questions about the company and their career opportunities.
Formal & Informal interviews
Start your recruiting process and stand out from the crown in formal and informal interviews. Students would be preselected by the companies. You will receive an email notice of the time and duration of the interview. Connect personally with a company representative in a virtual round table accompanied by 9 other students.
Flash Masterclass
Mini Business Case
Learn the ins and outs of a topic from a senior professional and bring the conversation to the next level. Practical session where students will be reviewing a real case with a company. Is the perfect space to show off your analyticas skills and business approach to be remarkable.
Panel Discussion
Round table where several experts and professionals will dsicuss a trending topic to reflect on the reality and future of businesses with students.


Prepare for the Event

* Stay Tuned - Note that the agenda could change slightly


We're happy to help you

Donít hesitate to send us an email if you experience any
issues registering for the fair, connectivity problems during
the event or need further assistance to set you up for the
financial services recruitment fair.

Write us at careers@esade.edu

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