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LEGO BRICKThrough Challenge
June 28, 2019

LEGO Production Development Team is calling for students in Hong Kong to help create a strategy that makes their product more appealing to girls. This is the opportunity for you to shine and redefine LEGO’s business strategy in Hong Kong. A team comprises of 3 members should come up with an innovative business plan in 5 slides or less to explain their ideas. 8 final teams will be selected and enter the Grand Finale in late June to pitch their project (10-minute pitch plus 3-minute Q&A) to LEGO’s top management.

Come up with the next innovative business strategy!

“Give a group of children a pile of plastic bricks and they will instinctively start building. With some experimentation, they might soon produce something recognizable”.

What if this group of children was a group of students and the pile of plastic bricks was a pile of bright business ideas?

Are you a dreamer? LEGO® invites Students and Fresh graduates residing in Hong Kong to take part in the BRICKthrough Challenge!

This is your chance to shine and redefine LEGO®’s business strategy in Hong Kong! How to make LEGO more appealing to girls?

Finalists will have the chance to pitch in front of LEGO’s Executives. Do you think you have what it takes?
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