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Kogod Case Competition
February 11, 2023

Case Competitions focus on an issue faced by an organization and participants work together to recommend solutions to leadership in that organization. There are different formats and styles for competitions but they often come with cash prizes (see the Prizes and Awards section below for more information about Kogod's prizes). Additionally, competitors build their resumes and network with employers.

All undergraduate and graduate (including WCL) students at AU as well as partner schools of Kogod are invited to compete in teams of 2-5 students. There are three competition divisions: First-year/Sophomore, Junior/Senior, and Graduate. The three divisions ensure that students are competing against others who have had similar experiences or coursework. Our judges are mostly alumni and area business leaders, many of whom have been judging the Competition for more than five years!

There are two rounds in the competition: The first round is online only where teams will receive the case study then submit a video pitch with their proposed recommendations. This video is reviewed by judges and scored. The top five teams in each division are then invited to Kogod in early February to present their full recommendations in a 10 to 15-minute presentation followed by a 10-minute Q&A before a panel of judges.

Online (preliminary round) and on the American University campus (final round)

Registration opens in September, workshops on case analysis are hosted in October for AU competitors, the case is released in late October, the digital preliminary submission process occurs in late-October and early-November, and the in-person final round for the top 5 teams in each division occurs in early-February

- Network with employers - Meet alumni and business leaders and provide them with your resume
- Build your resume - Case Competition participation will impress.
- Improve case analysis skills - You'll need them to succeed in school and beyond.
- Increase your Market Value - Next time you have an assignment for class or work, you'll have added skills and experience.
- Gain leadership, teamwork, & communication skills - Collaborate and make decisions with two to four other students under a deadline.
- Practice case method of interviewing -Get vital preparation for this complex interviewing technique.
- Take business outside the classroom - Real world business is competitive and interactive.
- Develop confidence - Essential in networking and presenting.
- Get expert feedback - Receive critiques and compliments from judges.
- Connect with classmates - Build relationships with future colleagues.
- Have Fun - Late night pizza with the teams during case preparations and case day receptions.

Participation Criteria
In order to compete, a student must be an enrolled undergraduate or graduate student at AU or an Invited Partner School during the residential Fall 2020 or Spring 2021 semesters or T4 2020 or T1 2021 for online students. Students graduating in Fall 2020 are eligible to compete.
AU continuting undergraduate students must have a cumulative GPA of at least a 2.5 to compete. Note that first year students without a GPA can compete but must have at least a 2.5 at the completion of the fall semester to be eligible for the finals.
AU graduate students must have a cumulative GPA of at least a 3.0 to compete. Note that new students without a GPA can compete but must have at least a 3.0 at the completion of the fall semester to be eligible for the finals.

The scoring structure is:

- Critical Issues: 10 points
- Recommendations: 10 points
- Delivery/Professionalism: 10 points
- Overall Impression: 10 points
The maximum total score is 40 points.
Kogod School Of Business
Eligible Schools
Kogod School Of Business
The following cash prizes are awarded in each division:

1st Prize: $500 for each teammate
2nd Prize: $400 for each teammate
3rd Prize: $300 for each teammate