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Marshall International Case Competition
February 18, 2020

This world class competition highlights the strategic challenges and managerial dilemmas faced by global business leaders. Competing teams from premier business schools work under pressure to solve a real business problem, using simulated business conditions such as time-critical deadlines and incomplete information, to formulate workable, action-oriented recommendations.

Participation in the Marshall International Case Competition is both an honor and a supreme challenge. Solving real World Business problems under the stressful conditions and strict deadline requirements of the competition is a test of each individual's creativity and problem-solving abilities. These students, tomorrow's business leaders, will be better prepared to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing global business environment.

The Competition
Teams will be presented with a business case study. They have approximately twenty-four hours to research, analyze and develop a set of action plans, make recommendations, and prepare their presentations.

Selection Criteria
Our philosophy is to maintain the international element of the competition. Since 2010, we have invited more international universities to participate in the MICC than domestic schools. The schools that participate are invited to send teams, not individuals, to the competition. Each school will field a team of four undergraduate students to compete against other teams in the competition.

Although our goal is a truly global roster of universities, we will never sacrifice the quality of the institutions invited just to meet a specific quota. Ultimately, the quality of the competition is our main objective.

MICC is looking to invite a diverse group of universities, and for our re-launch we have decided to give all undergraduate business programs the opportunity to be considered to join our competition, and complete a short survey to express their interest. All interested universities must apply by June 8, 2018 in order to be considered for an invitation. Our selection committee considers a variety of factors in deciding who to extend invitation to.
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