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    22 October, 2021
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About the Career Fair

As we continue to adjust to a virtual environment season, Graduate Career Services remains committed to providing our recruiting partners and students with an experience that offers small group and one-on-one interactions to emulate on-campus networking.

Participation is free, easy, and requires minimal time and resources, so join us!

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Highlight your organization and future leadership and career growth possibilities.


Present to students and answer questions in real-time.


Promote your jobs, search resumes.


The MS Fall Career Fair will take place October 22nd, 2021 between 11am - 1pm PDT. Once you register, you will be asked to complete your company profile and submit job opportunities that you are recruiting for.
Careernomics will be hosting an online training session to get you familiar with the platform and structure of the event. You will also get the chance to review the resume database of registered students leading up to the event one week prior the event.

After the event, you will be able to continue to promote your jobs and receive applications, as well as search the resume database to identify the right candidates for you until November 22nd 2021.

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How to Participate?

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Connect with you, confirm your participation and answer any questions you may have. Prepare and promote your corporate profile.

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Review applications and search the resume database. Host an online session. Interview and hire the right candidates for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

This event is an open recruiting experience with coffee chat style virtual calls. Students will cue up to join a room and every 10 minutes 5 new students will be added to the room. If a room is full, students will be added to a wait list. This will continue for the duration of the event. Please note not all companies will have full rooms at all times, so there may be periods of time without any students. We highly recommend committing to covering your room the full allocated time because student availability will vary by Program and class schedule.

Yes, once you have registered yourself and your company for the event, you can add additional participants to your registration. You can share a room with a colleague or decide to cover multiple rooms based on functional or division interest. Simply go to your company dashboard and select the “Register a company representative” button. Be sure to include email, title and phone number for each participant.

Within 24 to 48 hours, each registered participant will receive an email from uscmarshallvcf@mba-exchange.com confirming registration. The confirmation email will include the registered individuals name, company, contact information, as well as additional information provided on the registration form. If you do not receive confirmation within the 48-hour window, please check your spam folder. If you cannot find your confirmation, please contact our event coordinator, Elizabeth Gutierrez, at Elizabeth.Gutierrez@Marshall.USC.edu.

A Test Run is your opportunity to ensure that you and your team are prepared and ready for the day of the event. A Test Run is a facilitated walkthrough of the event covering all aspects of event day including day of event schedule, final preparation tasks, and use of technology (e.g., logging in, entering/exiting sessions, messaging, etc.). To register for a Test Run, go to your Company Dashboard, select “Schedule” and then select “Test Run” from the drop down menu. There you may register for one of the available Test Run sessions. We encourage all members of your team to attend a Test Run.

Yes, after the employer registration deadline on 10/01/21, candidate profiles and resumes will be available for your review. To view candidates, go to your Company Dashboard and CV Search under the Candidates tab in the top menu.

Your login credentials will be sent to you by email after your registration has been approved. If you don't remember or cannot find your login credentials, please use the "Forgot Password" function in the login page.

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MS Fall Career Fair

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